Giant Slingshot Cannon Wrecks Car

By Rick Ormsby

The crazy German with a love of slingshots has created a massive cannon powered with a pair of big rubber bands. With his wooden monstrosity in tow, he proceeds to destroy anything in his path with some hefty 80 mm steel balls. Just watch how quickly a small car becomes a mangled mess.

C10 Steering Wheel Falls Off During Burnout

By Chris Cooper

This guy’s filming his father taking off in a Chevy C10 for a massive burnout when he stops barely 10 yards from the start. Why? Well the damn steering wheel came off.

1:1 Knight Rider Custom Remake Can Actually Drive Itself

By Chris Cooper

Check out footage of this home made Knight Rider replica of sorts. It can even be operated with a remote control setup to appear as if it’s actually driving itself just like the real KITT.

John McPhee’s Race-Winning Save Will Have You On The Edge Of Your Seat

By Justin White

Rounding the final turn, John McPhee nearly lost both the race and his back when his back wheel kicked up like a bucking bronco feet from the finish line. But a daring, split-second maneuver brought him back down to the slick, wet track without sacrificing any speed, and went on to keep the win. Stay til the end to see his teammates’ gasps turn to cheers in a flash as he keeps his and the bike’s composure.

Fishtailing A 911 During A Speedy Uphill Looks Like The Most Fun

By Justin White

Anyone who has ever been able to push a Porsche 911 Carrera to its limits on the road knows it’s a difficult experience to describe to someone who hasn’t. The feeling of power behind you and the supreme controls are second to none and redefine all driving experiences which follow it. This wild uphill climb in a race-ready 911 looks exactly as fun as it feels to dog one of these bad autos in real life.