Kid Feels the Effects of 8Gs, Promptly Passes Out, and Still Has a Great Time

By Bailey Humphries

12-year-old Riley didn’t believe that the pilot could put him to sleep. After a couple of 8G turns, you can see who wins the wager. But it doesn’t seem to phase the young man who comes right back with a smile.

[VIDEO] Take a Look at This Cummins 300 Big Cam Custom Peterbilt Rad Rod Semi Truck in Action!

By Chris Cooper

We’ve seen plenty of awesome Rat Rod builds that are themed after all kinds of various makes and models but the ones based on semi trucks are always the coolest looking. Case in point, check out this awesome Peterbilt Big Rig complete with a Cummins.

[VIDEO] The Dodge Ram Rebel TRX Truck is a Hellcat Powered 575 HP Workhorse!

By Chris Cooper

Dodge just unveiled one hell of a stunner! The Ram Rebel TRX puts out 575 HP because it’s powered by a supercharged 6.2 liter V8! Among other design choices highlighted in this introduction video, it’s able to achieve 100 MPH in ANY terrain and the Hellcat engine is pushed further back into the truck to help with weight distribution over the front shocks.

[VIDEO] The Water Bug Trailer/Boat/Camper Is a Must Have!

By Chris Cooper

Ever wanted to have own the ultimate of boat and trailer and camper? Well look no further. A fan of Alt_Driver sent over this video showing off the awesome Water Bug. It’s not only a handy trailer that can float, it’s also a functioning watercraft that can serve as a boat and even an on the lake camper! Check out the Water Bug and their other products at

[VIDEO] Speeding Biker Loses Control and Suffers a Massive Crash and Slide

By Chris Cooper

Just seconds into this video, watch the biker to the left fly past. Then get nervous when he starts to wobble as he loses more and more control. He nearly takes out another biker before suffering a brutal crash.